Monday, June 28, 2010

Of Birobidjan, Palestine and prison

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Birobidzhan, Jewish autonomous district, Russian Federation

It turned out that Isreal was not the first Jewish state. There was actually another land that was proposed as the Jewish homeland, at least 20 years before Israel was born.

Say hello to Birobidzhan, or alternatively spelled Birobidjan.

Here is the government homepage (let google translate the website first if you can't read Russian), and here is a 48-page booklet that was published by the American Birobidjan Committee in 1948, the very year in which Zionist seized Palestine with the mendacious claim that only a new state of Israel could offer a safe Jewish homeland. (source)

However, for some reason, Palestine and the Palestinians became the victims of the illegal occupation, having absolutely nothing to do with the antisemitism issue in Europe.

Allahu'alam. Allah knows best.

Maybe, this is His way of reminding us Muslims to wake up and free ourselves from prison. He brings us calamity to remind us that there is something wrong with how we live our lives nowadays.

Are we in a prison? Oh yes we are. The prison of mind. We have been taught that the world is everything and that we should work hard for it. We have been brainwashed by the media to think that the Western lifestyle is the best for mankind. They are all in the TV, internet, magazine, newspapers, radio, soap operas, theatres, cinemas, posters and everywhere else.


Our children believed that in these modern world, they should play Playstations, watch TV all the time, and hang out with friends after class in shopping complexes for no reason.

Prada in Tokyo

Our sisters believed that being modern is to shop at Prada, wear very little clothing (but unbelievably expensive), and have a stunning body for the boys to look at.


Our brothers believed that being modern is to flirt with girls, have lots of money and spend them like there is no tomorrow.

KL Party

Our whole generation believed that the modern lifestyle is sex before marriage, drug dealing, and all-night party.

Are you in that prison? If you are, it is time to wake up.
Question ourselves, "Who are you?"

The answer is not in your name nor your father's, not even your ancestors'.

Look at the sky, look at the trees, look at the sun, look at the moon.
Observe every single thing around you.

Who are you?

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mambi said...

yes...we are muslim..but ...most of us are trapped in the mind prison.

and it is our destiny to wake-up.