Thursday, February 26, 2009

Architecture Solecism

By definition, architecture is a discipline of knowledge that creates habitable spaces for people. Generally. Architects strive hard to come up with the best design to suit the people who inhabit their architecture.

Wikipedia defines architecture as the activity of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structure by a person or a computer, primarily to provide shelter.

A house for a disabled person would be designed so that the disable can access every inch of their house/property easily. Hallways and spaces in front of doors need to be big enough for the disable to move around. Ramps at a certain safe angle would be provided to enable the disable to go to higher spaces.

A building, designed properly, should be environmentally friendly to give comfort to the inhabitants. The design should take into consideration the direction of the sun (so that there's no undesirable heat gain), cross ventilation (so that air can move freely inside and outside the building, preventing stuffy room), and lots more.

Basically, architecture is meant for good things.


However, thanks to a group of dumb people, architecture has become the training ground to kill innocent people. I am referring to a fake city called 'Chicago'. People, welcome to a fake Arab town built by Israel in the middle of the Negev desert to train its military forces in urban warfare.

Author of Chicago, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin wrote,

“To create this alternative universe, Palestinian architecture has been carefully scrutinized. Roads and alleyways have been constructed to mimic the layout of towns like Ramallah and Nablus. In one corner the ground has been covered in sand, a reference to unpaved refugee camps like Jenin. Graffiti has been applied to the walls with obscure declarations in Arabic: 'I love you Ruby' and 'Red ash, hot as blood'. Burned-out vehicles line the streets.”

In the name of training, the IDF had also used an architectural theory by a famous architect, Bernard Tschumi. They took the trouble to translate one of the chapters in Tschumi's book, Architecture and Disjunction into hebrew. The result was a military tactic called 'walking through walls'. To those who have been following the issues with these Zionist, it is no surprise that this tactic resembles their true nature; hypocrite, full of lies, etc.

The military tactic 'walking through wall' is basically a principle that the IDF used in attacking the Palestinians. In terms of the fabric of the city, they do not see the alley as a place to walk, a door as a place to walk through, the wall as a divider of space. So, as a response, they decided to walk through the city by making holes in the houses. Aviv Kochavi, the commander of the Paratrooper Brigade around 1996 to 2003 explained,

“This is why that we opted for the methodology of walking through walls. […] Like a worm that eats its way forward, emerging at points and then disappearing. We were thus moving from the interior of homes to their exterior in a surprising manner and in places we were not expected, arriving from behind and hitting the enemy that awaited us behind a corner. […] I said to my troops, “Friends! This is not a matter of your choice! There is no other way of moving! If until now you were used to move along roads and sidewalks, forget it! From now on we all walk through walls!”

Eyal Weizman and Nadav Harel, interview with Aviv Kochavi, 24 September 2004, at an Israeli military base near Tel Aviv [Hebrew]; video documentation by Nadav Harel and Zohar Kaniel.


I never thought that architecture can actually be abused to that extent. Knowledge misused. They thought they can win with their ingenious tactic. But when you have Allah SWT on your side, nobody can win against you. Together with the continuous support form Muslims worldwide, the Palestinians will win the war eventually.